The Power of Experience

Summer Programs

 Italy to Portland, OR (USA) 

We offer a comprehensive three week program to the United Staes for high school students. The trip includes full emersion English, leadership and real world experiences and once in a lifetime adventures. 


USA to Sardinia (Italy) 

The Sardinia trip consists of three weeks of tranquility for kids to get away from their day routines and enjoy everything the Mediterranean summer has to offer. Italian language and cooking courses, excursions, and more! 

Exchange Year in the USA

Italy to Portland, OR (USA)

Students 16 and up will engage in a year long learning experience like no other. They will primarily attend a top level high school in Portland, OR. But unlike other programs the students will be required to participate in a range of unique opportunities that will expand their mental and physical capacity to be exceptional leaders in the future. There are only a maximum of ten students expected every year, each being placed specifically to their desires and ability to thrive under the guidance of our goals and mission. Please contact us for more information. 
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