The Path To English Perfection

Step 1: Sign Up Online or In Person

  • Choose private or group lessons 1x, 2x, or 3x a week.
  • Take a fluency / level test
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Set your Goals

Step 2: Follow Your Progress Online

  • Sign up for your Google Classroom account 
  • In case of emergency be ready for online classes 
  • Follow your progress
  • Take practice tests 
  • Participate in Happy Hour and Movie nights 

Step 3: Get Certified

  • Take a Language Cert test online from A1 – B1 for kids on higher levels for adults. 
  • Sign Up for Prep courses for IELTS, OEC or Cambridge
  • Get Practice tests from your adviser 
  • Set your tests date

Step 4: English Experience

  • Finalize your experience with an English experince in the USA or England.
  • Take a business, technology or Tourism course.
  • Talk with the front desk about other opportunities.
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