Experiences are something you can never give back. so make them great.

General English Courses

Face to Face 

Live Private and Group Classes

Learn English in person or online. 4-5 students per group makes it so every lesson is personalized to your needs.  Private lessons are also available!

Quality Teachers

The teachers are experts in their fields with tons of experience in different sectors. They bring a wealth of knowledge in order to help you fulfill your goals.

Online Platform

Use our online platform for interactive content and self study. Always stimulating and always fun.

Get Certified

Let us know what your certification needs are and we will get it done. Passing is guaranteed at HH, we will prepare you and make sure there will be no surprises when you take the test.

High school summer in Sardinia

Tired of the same old summer. Explore Our High School Global Leaders program in Sardinia for a once in a lifetime experince. Teens from 14-17 can apply for a 3 week trip, where they will explore the nature, learn the language, try out some Italian cooking and more!

Get Certified

Need a Certification? We offer Cambridge, Language Cert, and IELTS exams.

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